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Monday, 21 July 2014

Chatsworth House

Looking For Mr Darcy

So with England experiencing one of its loveliest summers in years, my sister and I packed up a picnic and took a little drive to Chatsworth House last weekend. We planned to spend the day wandering around the beautiful house and exploring the gardens, all before eating a delicious picnic. However, being us we didn't actually set off until after  midday, and therefore arrived a little too late for us to want to pay the entrance fee for just a few hours. So instead we spent the day in the grounds reading by the lake, wandering around posing and simply letting our inner children come out by seeing how long we could spin around before we got dizzy... did anyone else do that, or was it just us?

Skirt> Primark (similar here) Top>Topshop Shirt> Primark (old similar New Look

The skirt was a steal from Primark, I nabbed it for just £8, and have been saving it to wear on a day like this. I popped a white sheer shirt on which I tied at the waist, with a white crop top underneath this (so I wasn't too naked).

Just abit dizzy after playing dizzy dollies (spinning around in circles). Really don't know why I thought I would be any good at this game, I can't even stay on a roundabout for more than a few seconds.  

After exploring the grounds and acting like little kids again (yes we did actually run around, climb walls and chase after sheep) we had worked up a bit of an appetite so stopped at the local tea rooms before setting off back home. They had delicious cakes and multiple teas on offer, plus loads of gluten free options. 

We headed home after finishing our tea and cakes, yes some of my tea did miss the cup! Must have been a little too eager to tuck into my cake.  We left just in time as we pulled out of the park, the air started to get overwhelmingly heavy and the rain hit. 

Love Alana xxx

Monday, 14 July 2014

Mascara- Review

Seventeen Doll’d up 

 L’oreal Volume Million

Mascara is utterly essential to my daily routine. The Majority of the time my skin is good enough for me to feel confident enough to go without makeup if I really needed. But try asking me to go without Mascara and my blood runs cold. I'm probably exaggerating but without Mascara, I look like I'm still asleep.

So here I bring you two mascara, which are both essentials in my makeup bag. Doll'd up mascara by Seventeen (which you can get here) and L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes (get here) are two mascaras that I am completely head over heels in love with at the moment. 

doll'd up was actually a mascara my friend gave me when she received a couple free through work. It was also a product, I threw in my Makeup draw about half a year ago and forgot about. Until I rediscovered it on one of my annually huge room clean ups. It's such an amazing mascara, creating a really lovely spread out and thick, full lashes feel. 

I discovered L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes, what must be years ago. I was in a local Tesco and was desperate for a mascara. It was only £5, so I threw it in my basket. Even though the price has doubled, it's still a mascara I regularly buy. I tend to use it for a night out as it makes my lashes look really thick and dark which I think kind of frames my eyes. I like to make my eyes quite dramatic for a night on the town so find this one perfect. The only down side to this mascara is sometimes it can make my lashes clumpy.

My eyes with doll'd up mascara on. It's so easy to apply and the brush is shaped to create a wide-eyed look. The mascara brush seems to actually do all the work for you. I prefer this mascara for an everyday look.

My eye with L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes, this mascara creates really dark dramatic lashes. However, I do feel that it can be a bit clumpy and make some of my lashes stick together which is why I only really use this for a night out and I often use it with the doll'd up mascara so the lashes are spread, thick and dark.

Overall the doll'd up mascara seems to be the winner! Creating a full, thick and wide eyed look. I do tend to use both when I'm going out as they actually work very well together but for a day to day use doll'd up mascara is the one for me.

Let me know what you think? Do you have a favourite Mascara and one that you would recommend?

Love Alana xxx

Friday, 11 July 2014

London Time

London City

So in my last post I mentioned I was in London. I travelled down last week on the Friday and returned home on Wednesday. I had a really lovely time seeing friends, seeings exhibitions and spending a hell of a lot of time eating out. 

Normally when I'm in London with my mum, we don't tend to do a lot. But this time we both agreed to try and attempt to do and see more, instead of just lounging around in my mums best friends garden (which was a lot harder said than done, with the awesome weather we had). So we had a lovely few days in London; we headed to Wimbledon, Brick Lane Market, South Bank, The V&A and Covent garden. A busy long weekend but an absolutely lovely time, here's a few snaps of what I saw and did.

Me and Oliver, enjoying Wimbledon! When my mums best friend offered me a ticket to wimbledon, I grabbed the chance and joined her son, Oliver,  on a day trip to watch some tennis. We watched Andrew Castle (GMTV presenter and also retired tennis pro) play doubles, an extremely entertaining game when his partner and Castle started playing with ball boys after their opposition withdrew due to injury. The game ended with the entire crowd singing happy birthday to one of the ball boys. All in all a really enjoyable day, full of pimms and strawberries.

I've been to Brick Lane plenty of times but have never actually been on a Sunday when the market is on. It was a really lovely experience, with hundreds of people ranging from locals to American tourists. It was great to wander around looking at the vintage stalls and smelling all the wonderful aromas from the varying food stalls. As mum and I headed back to the tube station we spotted this street packed with people all sat on the curb eating their food from the stalls. I thought it really captured the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane Market.

Now this is just- WOW!! A cafe near Brick Lane where you can go for tea and cake AND PLAY WITH CATS!! I didn't actually get to go in this time. But next time I'm there I'm so popping in.

View from South bank. 
Celebration of Love.

When in the proximity of Laduree, one must buy Macaroons and it is such a hard choice.

Their tea selection

Obviously these didn't last long.

So delicious.

So, so delicious

Entertainment for the journey home.

I always enjoy my trips to London so much and this one didn't disappoint we had a great time. I also managed to pop into the V&A to see 'The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014' it was a great exhibition and I recommend it to everyone, there were really beautiful clothes on display and lots of information about Italian fashion and what all the different regions where famous for. Get your tickets here

I'm back next month for a couple of weeks, whilst I do my internship, so am hoping to try and visit a few places I have never actually been before. If anyone has any recommendations it would be much appreciated. 

Love Alana xxx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Asos dress

In an English Country Garden


Sunglasses- River Island, Shoes- Clarks (old), Bag- Vintage 

I'll be honest the garden was more capital city than country, but I couldn't resist posing in this gorgeous Asos dress in a family friends beautiful garden. With the sun shining down and somewhere the birds were singing, I definitely did not feel like I was in a back garden in London. 

I discovered this gorgeous dress on Asos a couple of weeks back and truly love it! It's one of those dresses that makes you feel fantastic when you're wearing it and I seem to gain a lot of compliments when I'm wearing it. I was even stopped, complimented, asked where the dress was from and the women even asked me what she should search on Asos and hey who wouldn't love that? The dress really emphasises your waist and the full skirt creates a beautiful shape.

I paired it with a vintage handbag and these beautiful shoes my mum gave to me. They're from Clarks (somewhere I wouldn't normally look) and are unbelievably comfortable, I love the midi heel and think the ribbons as laces creates something really sweet and special. So mum, if you're reading thanks for these bad boys.

Find the dress here.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other great summer dress buys.

Love Alana xxx